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We are a Trauma Perceptive School
At Clarity Independent School, we are committed to the Essex Trauma Perceptive Practice model. 

This supports us to understand behaviour and support emotional wellbeing. The fundamental principles underlying this approach are firmly embedded in our Ethos.
  • Compassion and Kindness
  • Hope
  • Connection and Belonging

At Clarity, we have two qualified TPP Leaders through the Train the Trainer coaching, delivered by Essex County Council. Both TPP Leaders are on the Senior Leadership Team, to enable staff training throughout the school and ensure this perspective is embedded through all our values, ethos, whole school culture and into everything we do, from top to bottom! Our TPP Leaders are Mrs Debbie Hanson and Mr Richard Clow. 

               This is the reason that in 2018, our school

                     took the symbol of the Sunflower as our Logo!

The sunflower represents hope, compassion and kindness; it kindly gives its beauty to all who wish to linger and behold it, and brings new life through sharing multiples of seeds. It is a symbol of hope for the hundreds of millions around the world that struggle with their mental health. Sunflowers are yellow, the colour of hope and happiness; mental health when successfully managed. Through their shared turning and facing the sun for warmth and protection, and their attraction of beneficial insects and pollinators, which bring life to the garden, sunflowers demonstrate that when we support each other, bring our unique gifts and work together in harmony, our connectedness is our strength! 
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