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Parent Open Afternoon and Evening

Thursday 4th July 2023, 1.30pm - 7pm (last appointment 6.30pm)
An afternoon and evening with all the staff at Clarity, where you can make a 15-minute appointment with your child's class teacher and subject teachers to discuss their progress. You will also have the opportunity to see their work and meet some of the specialists that work with them and the rest of the team in school. Louise Brazier, our 'Directions' careers adviser will also be there to answer any queries and support you with advice. The children will be serving teas, coffees and cakes to the parents during the afternoon until they leave in their taxis at 3pm.  

Our previous events for 2023...

Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Behaviour Management Training Parent Event
Therapeutic Thinking, Joel Shaljean, (ESSET Trust) 1-3pm

Thursday 6th July 2023
arents' Evening 1.30 - 7pm, (appointments only.)

Wednesday 28th June 2023
The2Johns E-Safety Training Parent Event
In this popular, informative e-safety training event, the 2Johns attended the school and conducted training workshops on e-safety for the children in the morning. Parents and staff attended the evening session from 7-8pm, where we were taken through valuable information any staff member and parent needs to know about how to keep your child safe online in 2023. More information about the 2Johns, here

Our previous events for 2022....

Thursday 17th November 2022
Parents' Evening 1.30 - 7pm, (appointments only.)

6th July 2022

Our first Parents' Evening following the pandemic. 
1.30 - 7pm, (appointments only.)

16th March 2022
Essex Steps Behaviour Training parent workshop Part 2.
9.30am - 12pm Clarity Independent School. (Joel Shaljean, ESSET Trust)
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