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Clarity Independent School was last inspected by OFSTED 14th September 2023, which confirmed, again, that we are meeting all the Independent School Standards. 

Our last full 3-day OFSTED inspection was 21-23rd September 2022, in which the school was downgraded. There were only 9 school weeks between this and our earlier inspection (May 22), during which it was confirmed we met all the Independent School Standards. 

The school pupils, staff and parents do NOT hold the same opinion as the inspectors in the September 2022 inspection. Please see below our responses to the Inspector's opinion. 

Professionals working within the school community also said... 

“All the best

to you all and for the continued success of the school. I know it takes a lot to set up a new school and isn't without its challenges but you are giving those pupils such amazing opportunities....when in a mainstream school they could get lost or overlooked, or worse still drop out of the system together. I have loved every minute of my time with the school."

Charlotte Tew, French Teacher, PPA Cover, March 23

“Since I began teaching Guitar at Clarity Independent School almost a year ago I have constantly been blown away at the care and attention all the students receive from their teachers and the environment which has been created for the students to learn in. I believe children thrive when their schools are a place of nurture and each student has the same opportunities given to them as one another. 

Never has this been more true than at this school. To say I enjoy working at Clarity would be an understatement. If I won the lottery I would still go in on a Thursday and teach Guitar!“ 

Kevin Pearce, Music Tutor, Essex Music Services, 19th January 2023

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