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"The Clarity Independent School has been exemplary with [name]’s placement. We are very happy with their work, communication and support. [name] has transitioned to The Clarity School very well and is noticeably more stable and happy as a result, in fact, he is the happiest he has been in many years!... Only today when I brought [child] home, he laughed out loud in the car the whole journey. I have seldom ever seen him so happy. It was wonderful.'
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Parents, if you are thinking of bringing your young person to Clarity, these letters from parents are especially for you.

Parent of boy, aged 12, Jan 23.

"We are very grateful to all of you for your patience, care and support with [name] this term. I have certainly noticed a calmer and happier young man at home, and if there is one thing that I had to pick out this term it is the fact that he has been able to laugh and be happy at school. I know every day has not been perfect, but the fact he is in an environment where he has the confidence to do this and is supported so well gives myself and [parent] great comfort both now and for the future."

Parent of pupil aged 12 years, November 2022.

"(Name) wanted to end her life daily when she was at her previous school. She has not once said this since she's been at Clarity.... I have no issues whatsoever."

Parent of girl aged 13, Feb 23.

 "We are incredibly grateful to the Clarity Independent School for this. We are also relieved as parents that we can start to refocus on our work responsibilities, which is something that we have not been able to do for years and this is essential for our family’s stability. The Clarity Independent School plays a very large role in keeping our family on track and is a significant support that we could not do without."

Parent of boy aged 12, Jan 23.

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