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Essex Year of Numbers January - December 2024
Essex Year of Numbers is a countywide campaign that aims to inspire a love of learning, with a focus on numeracy. It is a year of exciting learning opportunities, fun events and initiatives aimed at children aged 0 to 18-years-old.
The Essex Year of Numbers will give children, young people, parents and carers opportunities, tools and knowledge to improve numeracy skills. It also aims to develop a love of numbers through fun and exciting events and activities.” We are following this strategy from January - December 2024.
Clarity’s Aims
We will: 
  • Make numbers fun
  • Make numbers friendly
  • Make numbers have value in every day life
How we will do it:
  1. Improve fluency (if you are fluent things feel easier): every-day practice of basic number skills (times tables, telling the time, basic number facts) to fluency.
  2. Include the use of concrete materials in lessons and transition activities to embed concepts before demonstrating with abstract number (concrete -> pictoral -> abstract).
  3. Events for school community / in school community: real life fun events involving handling of money, working out times, measuring / building / planning trips, competitions re price / value / quickest. (Involving parents / cross peer groups / public).
  4. Games and activities: Maths games in breakfast, breaks, lunch times, transition times or sometimes whole afternoons. Real life quests involving life skills (budgeting, planning, resourcing, timetables re journeys etc., planning the use of space).
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