Debbie Hanson
Head Teacher
In my spare time, I love to walk my dog, PJ in the countryside. He is a golden cocker spaniel, and very mischievous! I have to wear trainers to keep up with him; however, this is good, because he keeps me fit! The only thing is, that he loves to roll and swim around in deep mud and get filthy, so he often comes out as a dark brown / black dog muddy dog with only one clean golden orange tuft of hair on the top of his head! He hates having a bath so this usually involves him being chased round the garden with a hose pipe! 
Sharyn Aliara
Deputy Head Teacher
I have a very busy life outside of school. I like to spend lots of quality time with my family and walking my dog, Guinness. I also have a great love of music: listening to music, playing music and going to live music events, as well as singing with a band and also a choir (performing quite recently on BBC radio and BBC tv). 
Michelle Gater
SEN Teacher

In my spare time I love to spend time with family, there is nothing I like more than to be surrounded by the people I love, feeding them either roast dinners or barbeques when I can.

I also like to read books, especially in the summer when I can do this outdoors. I love to be in the garden but not really into gardening other than growing vegetables. 


Living so close to the sea you will often find me on a nice sunny day taking a long walk along the promenade, usually in a hunt for a nice ice-cream.

Simon Bayly
SEN Teacher

Mr Bayly and his family fostered a young Vietnamese boy in 2004, who arrived without any English skills, and they supported him throughout his education until he graduated from university with a 2:1 BA (HONS). Mr Bayly and his family remain in contact with their foster-child who is now 29 years old and living and working as a film animation lighting technician in Montreal.


As a fluent Spanish speaker, Mr Bayly qualified as an MFL teacher in 2013. He has always applied his passion for teaching English; reading, writing and verbal communication through the career choices he has made. 

"My imagination has always been an incredible driving force in my life and still has a powerful influence on many things I do. 

I can remember spending most of my childhood just drawing and being inspired to make and design anything and everything! This love of Art has stayed with me and developed into a therapeutic endeavour. 

Although I pursued an academic rather than creative path after finishing school, I have always been fascinated by the patterns that occur in art, architecture and the natural world, and drawing and painting have heightened my appreciation of the world around me."

Anita Kidd
I enjoy walks in the countryside, gardening and spending time with my family. 
Marcelle Stone
Trainee HLTA
I love going out to the beach or countryside for long walks with friends or family. 
Mary Weidner 
Business Manager
Mary - Hobbie_edited.jpg
My favourite thing to do when I am not at work is to look after my garden. I also love to get out in the fresh air and walk. I also love spending lots of time with my family. 
mary - work.jpg
Susie Peck 
Office Administrator
When I am not in school I am a real home lover.  My family think I am a little strange as I love to clean and iron but it really relaxes me and gives me a great sense of satisfaction.  I just love to be busy and can't sit still.  I also love DIY and spending time with my family and friends.  I have a lovely garden with a great social area and my summer BBQs are a must for our family gatherings.
Elaine Wright 
School Support/ TA
In my spare time, I like being silly, dancing, skipping around and making people smile.  My favourite pass time is to drive while singing out of tune to my favourite songs.
Mary-Jane Yasruddin
SEN Teacher 

I like spending time with my children and cats, walking to a cafe and back with friends and watching films!

Clarity Independent School
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Maybe a vacancy will be advertised soon!
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Mr Richard Clow
In my spare time, I enjoy watching Southend United play football. I have been a fan since I was twelve years old and I have travelled all over the country and even into Europe to support the Blues. I enjoy all sports, particularly football and table tennis. I play badminton with friends once a week at a local sports centre. I love being outdoors and going for long walks and boat rides with my wife and two children. I have a passion for art and music in their various forms. I also enjoy eating out at restaurants with my family.
Pauline Underwood
PU funny.JPG
In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog, Luna. This is us splashing around in the river and playing hide and seek. We also love playing ball at the beach. In this picture, we lots the ball in the water so I had to roll my jeans up and get in! Oh well...

I didn't always used to be a cleaner. I used to care for people in their homes, helping them to get washed and dressed and into bed at night.