“…These three remain; faith, hope and love - the greatest of these is love.”

Welcome to Clarity Independent School

Welcome to our website. Our Christian ethos places love at the centre of all that we do, as it says in the bible. At Clarity, we believe that children thrive in a loving environment, where they are free to be themselves, to be happy, to grow and learn. 

They are encouraged not only to tolerate each other, but to have mutual respect for each other, their teachers and for other staff and visitors, learning ways to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. 


We spend a significant amount of time learning about how to do this in practice so that they can become the best, healthiest and most successful form of themselves. We aim to be a school where children have fun, are confident learners with a high self-esteem; where children learn to love learning and carry this ethos with them throughout their lives.

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