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We are committed to safeguarding...

"Our school is committed to our whole-school approach to safeguarding, which ensures that keeping children safe is at the heart of everything we do, and underpins all systems, processes and policies...We promote an environment where children and young people feel empowered to raise concerns and report incidents and we work hard in partnership with pupils, parents and care-givers to keep children safe."

Clarity Safeguarding Policy September 2023

The Head Teacher's Welcome

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Welcome to Clarity Independent School, an open-hearted, nurturing and academically challenging special needs school. Here, students can thrive and learn to be compassionate and caring citizens. I am delighted to serve as the Head Teacher in this forward-looking, up-and-coming school. 
At Clarity, we believe that children thrive in a loving environment, where they are free to be themselves, to be happy, to grow and learn...

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Our mission statement:
Is to 
provide motivating, fun, tailor made education, at a level, pace and content specifically matched to the children's needs. We employ a high teacher to pupil ratio of specialist staff, to address learning difficulties, not merely accept them as being static and final. At Clarity, we have sourced an all-embracing package of therapies and interventions for all the children, so that they can heal, where possible, and develop improvements in their skills. We  challenge them to exceed expected progress and hence lessen the impact that learning difficulties can have on the rest of their lives. We are working hard in partnership with the children and families to alleviate mental health difficulties, such as anxiety and depression, providing extra nurture and reassurance, particularly after the pandemic.  At Clarity, we  ignite a fresh start in learning, where it has previously not been possible. We lessen the load by providing for the children's needs, so that they can get on with enjoying learning, loving being here, and being excited to come to school each day.

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COVID Response Statement Oct 2023
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Our learners experience a full range of subjects and only specialise when necessary.
Sample weekly timetable: 9-3pm = 30 hours a week.
Parent of pupil aged 13

“My daughter has only been attending Clarity since January, but I’ve already seen her confidence improve in her academic ability as well as her overall well-being.”

Parent of pupil aged 11

“I have found that (name) is eager to attend school and is happier than at his previous school where I believe he was isolated from others.  At Clarity he has made friends and does not feel worried about anything.”

Parent of pupil aged 11

“I know that he likes the school and that he feels safe and happy and although he still has ‘moments’, the number of outbursts from him have lessened quite dramatically.  (Name) likes the staff and feels safe with them.”

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